MicroPasts: Learning Resources


While contributing to MicroPasts, you may have wondered about (a) the ultimate purpose of specific data collection exercises, (b) how certain archives, objects, etc. fit into the wider archaeology or history of the period/region, and (c) how you might further make use of newly created data or explore certain kinds of methods offline.

We have built this page with those interests in mind, and partly also as a set of working notes for ourselves. We will try to add new material in response to requests and future discussions on the forum. If you have knowledge in a particular area covered below and would like to improve what has been offered so far, then please do also get in touch via the forum.

If you have downloaded MicroPasts data in any form, we would also be very interested in learning how you used it for your own research, or just for fun (there’s a dedicated category for this on the forum).

1. Artefacts, Sites, Periods and Regions

2. Methods and Techniques

3. Knowledge Exchanges with Cultural Policy and Practice

3.1. MicroPasts Knowledge Exchanges Workshop (23 September 2015)