Project team

Andrew Bevan, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Principal investigator

Daniel Pett, The British Museum

Rachael Sparks, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Chiara Bonacchi, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Research Associate

Adi Keinan-Schoobaert, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Research Associate

Ian Carroll, UCL Institute of Archaeology
Archival Collections Liaison

Neil Wilkin, The British Museum, Dept. of Prehistory and Europe
Archival Collections Liaison

Jennifer Wexler, The British Museum, Dept of Portable Antiquities/Prehistory & Europe
Bronze Age Index Manager

Advisory group

Roger Bland, The British Museum, Dept. of Prehistory and Europe

Tim Causer, UCL Laws

Nathalie Cohen, Thames Discovery Project

Stuart Dunn, King’s College London, Digital Humanities

Susie Green, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Daniel Lombraña González, Citizen Cyberscience Centre

Lorna Richardson, Waveney Valley Community Archaeology Group

Mia Ridge, Open University

Stuart Robson, UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Peter Schauer, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Melissa Terras, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

Lisa Westcott Wilkins, DigVentures

Brendon Wilkins, DigVentures

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